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Where conventional society, people don't get to like just who it should like or marry

dos. 40% of one's pre-millennial participants know regarding confession culture only because its babies, millennial family relations or colleagues said it.

3. 70% of one's pre-millennial people do not understand the newest reasoning and you will meaning of confession society whatsoever, and so are confused from the their prominence in the Taiwan.

step one. Most of the millennial users (100%) know off confession culture and are also used to the way the act ought to be done.

2. 70% of your millennial users stated one to the earliest thoughts from confession society is actually linked to the Taiwanese Tv dramas and soon after in order to discussions in the dating on the internet.

At the start of the 20th millennium, certain Taiwan-established Japanese hit visited establish the thought of liberal close will the newest Taiwanese, but it don't generate good feeling

step 3. 30% of millennial members keep in mind which they simply realized on the confession society out-of talks among the many friends in the number one otherwise junior highest school.

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