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Cooling Equipments


Cold Storage Types


Special Cooling Applications


Snow Park and Ice Skating

EGUSKI manufactures cold storage facilities with advanced technology and makes turnkey installations all over the world.

Food consumption in the world has undergone a radical change since Jacob Perkins produced the first patented refrigerator in 1834. Now, the way has been opened to keep our food in healthy conditions longer. Just as we need our refrigerators in our homes as food consumers, food producers and wholesalers need industrial cold storages to preserve the food that will enter our refrigerators immediately after their production.

In addition to being in large scales, in industrial cooling, different from refrigerators, different equipment is used for each product according to the characteristics of that product and different techniques are applied. Each product to be cooled has different cooling requirements to stay fresh.

In general, cooling is achieved by reducing the temperature of the product kept in a closed volume by transferring it with the help of mechanical equipment and refrigerants with high heat carrying capacity. Since the first mechanical conversion in America in the early 1900s, the basic principle of cooling has not changed radically. With the developing technology, the quality of cooling has improved. The factors that determine the quality in cooling are as follows:


Quality of equipment used
Correct equipment configuration to be made according to the product to be cooled, climatic conditions and user expectations
The use of advanced technology solutions in the cooling system
Making the standard working algorithm of cooling smart and saving energy.

The EGUSKI difference

Cold storage is the secret hero of the food industry. The secret of cheap and high quality food reaching the consumer is hidden in the long period of storage of food in cold storages from production to consumption. Acting with the awareness of this fact, EGUSKI takes all its steps with the aim of preserving the food in the most appropriate way.

EGUSKI manufactures equipment used in cold storages or in ice-house facilities with the use of EGUSKI brand in its own facilities. It uses the most advanced technology and the most suitable materials in production with its R&D oriented engineering. It not only uses this technology, it develops new technologies.

It produces controllers that save energy up to 71% thanks to its smart algorithm. In addition, it provides full user control over cold storages by providing remote monitoring and management. All cooling systems of EGUSKI are in A +++ energy class. In addition, it has an environmentalist character due to its ability to work with solar energy, organic gas and wind energy.

Thanks to its tailor-made approach, it designs, manufactures and performs the most accurate and efficient cold storage for users; provide after-sales service and warranty. In addition, it conducts research on the correct storage and correct processing of the products; prepares books and films that guide world agriculture. It also undertakes an instructive and awareness-raising task about industrial cooling systems.

Cold storage types according to the purpose of use

Cold storages are warehouses where controlled air conditioning is made by controlling climatic values ​​such as temperature and humidity. Climate values ​​determined according to the product to be stored and storage conditions are among the most determining factors on cold storage types and cold storage prices. CANTEK cold storages are divided into 6 main categories according to the product to be stored and the purpose of use:


Cool preservation (+5 to +15 degrees)
Cold preservation (from -5 to +5 degrees)
Frozen preservation (-30 to -15 degrees)
Quenching (between -60 and -30 degrees); Fast cooling that reduces food to very low temperature values ​​in a short time
Dual regime enclosure (from -18 to +5 degrees); Frozen when necessary, cold preservation when necessary
Heated cooled enclosure (from 0 to +20 degrees); Cool when needed, cool when needed

In this way, a solution is provided according to all cooling needs between -60 and +20 degrees.


Cold storage types according to their fluids

The main refrigerants used in cooling systems are Freon, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Glycol and Propane. According to the process to be applied, CANTEK uses one or both of these fluids together; It can produce all requested cooling solutions as single or two stage (cascade system). Fluid selection is made according to the properties of the product to be stored, the size of the facility and the expectations of the user.

Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Glycol, Propane

These fluids used in cooling systems are called natural fluids because they are substances found in nature. Due to the low operating costs, natural fluid tanks are used in slightly larger facilities in terms of tonnage. Carbon dioxide cold storages, ammonia cold storages, glycol cold storages and propane cold storages are expanding their usage areas today due to their environmental sensitivity.


Freon fluid is specially produced by combining several cooling elements. Freon warehouses are often preferred due to their low investment costs. It is partially used in smaller warehouses in terms of tonnage. In addition, the usage area of ​​freon cold storages is quite wide, as they are suitable for every sector.

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