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Turnkey powder feeding facilities with capacities ranging from 3 tons to 30 tons per hour are designed according to customer needs.

  • Automatic dosing
  • Hammer Mill and Mixer
  • Dosing silos and finished product (optional)
  • Lubrication unit (for poultry feed, optional)
  • Packing group (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Minimum investment cost
  • Low energy and labor requirements
  • Easy to use
    Optional modules for your needs

You can satisfy your powder feeding needs with the useful and professional MAXISTAR series.

MAXISTAR is a powder feeding installation with a digital scale and consists of the following equipment:
The first raw material input propeller without berth
Double deck dosing unit
Food Mixer & Grinder Machine
Star 1000 BM for Maxistar 1000
Star 2000 BM for Maxistar 2000
Exit scale


Our PROSTAR pellet feeding facilities with a capacity from 5 tons to 15 tons / hour and more are designed and produced according to customer needs.

  • Pellet press (660)
  • Programmable dosage
  • Grinding mill and rapid mixer
  • Lubrication unit (for poultry feed)
  • Granulating unit (for poultry feed)
  • Microdosing unit
  • Oil coating system
  • Molasses unit
  • Automatic packing unit and sewing machine
  • PLC system
  • Silo and equipment
  • Other optional equipment

StarOlive; It is an easy-to-use olive oil machine that allows you to obtain olive oil without losing its aroma with the cold pressing technique.

All places in contact with the product are made of Chrome AISI316, a stainless material suitable for human health.

The olive paste processing capacity is 100 to 120 kg / hour. Only 3-5 liters of cold water are needed in the olive oil dough process.


It allows small and medium olive producers to produce their own oil organically.
If the olive tree is certified organic, organic olive oil is automatically obtained if it is not mixed with olives from other producers.
Olive oil does not lose its aroma thanks to cold pressing.
Since the olives do not queue for the process as in continuous systems, the increase in the acidity of the olive oil is avoided.
With the StarOlive olive machine, the remaining oil in the pomace is minimized.


Double-sided discharge, one manual and the other is a chain conveyor
Height adjustable chain conveyor
Spacious and special interior design Standard double helix
Eliminating the risk of weeds sticking to the propeller with the strong helix structure and partial helix technique
Perfect cut and minimum cutting time with Italian blade and counter blades in medium Omega
Italian gearbox
12mm helical blade
Special Omega system that prevents clogging
European brand independent hydraulic system and connections
Italian digital programmable weighing system
Rugged Chassis Back Cover
Special strong pistons to withstand high loads
Hydraulic support leg
Rugged chassis, one-piece axle system
Rope or remote signal system control (optional)

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