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Healthy and economical meat can only come to our tables by passing through modern facilities. EGUSKI produces integrated meat and meat processing facilities along with modern slaughterhouses where live animals are slaughtered. The facilities, which are produced according to the principles of hygiene, efficiency and work safety for red meat, chicken and fish, provide the best answer to the meat needs of our planet from A to Z. The facilities, which are specially designed according to the demand, are produced and installed on a turnkey basis including cooling.

Red Meat Slaughterhouse and Processing Plants

Today, the world’s cattle assets have reached 1.3 billion heads, sheep assets 1.2 billion, and goat assets approximately 1 billion. Although the demand for meat is at different rates in different countries around the world, it is constantly increasing. The most important part of this growing meat business is slaughterhouses and advanced meat processing facilities where meats are prepared for industrial use.

Having carried out important R & D studies and educational works in the field of red meat, Eguski provides service above world standards and suitable for halal slaughter at all stages of the road where the animal leaves the paddock and comes to the table as a valuable food. In this context, it performs the production of slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems and turnkey installations of slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities.


Eguski has implemented modern slaughterhouse and meat processing plant projects that set an example in many regions of the world and contribute greatly to the development of the region. With cattle and ovine slaughterhouses developed in the most appropriate qualities for the user’s expectations; It offers modern, technological, environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for the correct processing of red meat. In addition, Eguski adds great efficiency to the business and minimizes wastage in meat with its cooling technology that provides energy savings of up to 71%.

Offering the most appropriate technological infrastructure to maximize the quality of meat and market value, Eguski provides the following services with its expert engineering staff and powerful production facilities:


Paddock systems
Slaughterhouse equipment and advanced meat processing systems
Cooling, freezing and frozen product storage systems
Animal tipping cabin, blood drying systems, etc. complementary equipment
Hygiene, lighting, etc. within the business. equipment in the fields
Floor, wall, ceiling hygienic coating and insulation applications
Infrastructure, superstructure, steel and reinforced concrete structure, electricity, road and all kinds of construction works

Eguski; It offers projecting, production, assembly, service, warranty and remote monitoring services from a single source. While performing the highest quality standards in this whole process; It always prioritizes animal welfare, worker safety, ergonomic working conditions, productivity, longevity, environmental awareness and hygiene. It directs the sector by developing innovative solutions in these areas.

Poultry Slaughterhouse and Processing Plants

The world population, which has increased rapidly especially after the 1950s, has exceeded 7.5 billion in 2019. The biggest problem brought about by this increase is nutrition and food problem. Chicken meat plays an important role in solving this problem. The amount of chicken produced in the world has approached 110 million tons annually. After 2020, it is expected to be the most produced type of meat in the world.

The high consumption demand and the continuous increase in the production amounts have led to the development of industrial cutting and packaging facilities. Eguski to meet the needs on time; offers turnkey industrial cutting and processing plant projects where technological, fast, efficient and automation systems are at the forefront. In addition to these, we also have mobile slaughterhouse projects.

Eguski; aims to carry the user to high success by developing modern, technological, environmentally friendly and efficient chicken facilities with innovative, sustainable and user-specific solutions.

Having strong knowledge – experience and production flexibility in industrial chicken slaughter and processing facilities, Eguski,

Project consultancy
Slaughterhouse equipment manufacturing
Maintenance / assembly
Overhaul and spare parts
provides services. In addition, it adds great efficiency to the business with its cooling technology that provides energy savings of up to 71%. Eguski is able to produce local and fast solutions according to all possible service and facility development needs with its specially trained administrative and technical teams.

Halal cutting by machine or by hand
Automatic / manual evisceration line
Water cooling / air cooling
Shredding / Sorting / Packaging
Eguski has international experience in the establishment of chicken slaughterhouses and chicken processing facilities. It offers project planning, production, assembly, service, warranty and remote monitoring services from a single source.

Fish Processing Plant

While only 60 million tons of fish were consumed in the world in 1970, 57 million tons of which was hunting and 3 million tons of aquaculture, today a total of 170 million tons of fish is consumed through 95 million tons of hunting and 75 million tons of aquaculture. Per capita fish supply in the world has exceeded 20 kg with a new record, thanks to the dynamic growth in aquaculture. For this reason, it becomes more and more important to process fish, which is an important source of food and income for hundreds of millions of people around the world, with the most accurate methods and present them to the table.

Eguski produces factories that process all kinds of seafood in both the growing and hunting areas on the way from the sea or fresh water to the table. Having a great experience, expert team and educational works on fisheries and aquaculture, Eguski;

Cultured fish such as sea bass, sea bream, trout
Marine fishing fish such as mackerel, sardines, tuna
Freshwater fish such as carp, trout, catfish
Seafood such as shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, oysters
It has developed numerous projects on its processing, and has made installations in many parts of the world.

Correct processing and preservation of seafood is only possible in modern, technological, environmentally friendly and efficient facilities. Developing tailor made projects of all sizes according to user expectations, Eguski produces fish processing facilities with the most suitable qualities for its users. With its team of experts in fisheries, it offers project planning, production, assembly, service, warranty and follow-up of the facilities from a single source. In addition, it adds great efficiency to the business with its cooling technology that provides energy savings of up to 71%.

With its flexible production power that can meet every expectation in the processing of Eguski fishery products; production of canned, smoked or frozen products; drying; It has a wide range of aquaculture-related products and services, from long-term preservation facilities to fish meal and fish feed plants. It provides consultancy services, develops projects and installs all over the world.

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