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Foxairtech products, which are designed to meet the panel cooling needs of industrial establishments such as machinery, are using their production and sales network in Spain in the second half of 2021, taking their production in Guipuzcoa / Spain one step further. in competitive development. environment, with the experience of our professional export staff in the last period.

Our custom manufacturing capabilities


Thanks to our special manufacturing, special design capabilities and experience in panel air conditioners, we are able to create customer-based products very quickly.

Our fast delivery capacity

Foxairtech delivers the cabin coolers, coolers and units that it produces on time according to the deadlines and plans according to the instructions of our clients. Provides consulting services and installation support when necessary.

Our ability to fulfill consumer products

We manufacture products that are 100% compatible with the products of companies dealing with consumer products and help them present them to their customers.

Our Adequate Product Consulting Ability


We encourage our customers to reach the right product with our technical reports. We are trying to direct you to the correct channel.

Our supply and availability

We guarantee our customers easy access to spare parts for all our products. If you wish, we guarantee that you can access spare parts for our products from any electricity market through our company.

Our maintenance and repair capabilities


Regardless of make and model, we repair, maintain and service any brand of electric panel cooler for you.

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