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Agender (as with atheist) [ edit ]

Agender (as with atheist) [ edit ]

Agender (as with atheist) [ edit ]

«Mature human chicken» came up since a good parody of your motto within the later 2021 after an excellent TERF sockpuppet tweeted you to «‘woman’ form adult individual females. Such as for example ‘hen’ means mature peoples chicken.»

AFAB trans lady [ revise ]

  • A term green salad made of arbitrary terms and conditions so you can signify sex-name names was non-sensical otherwise meaningless.
  • A low-sequential group of brands used to on purpose misgender trans males since women, attaching the latest title «trans» in order to words because of their intercourse tasked from the delivery (compare to «trans-recognized lady»).
  • Otherwise, as TERFs have know that it build is notice-contradictary, brand new laugh «identity» of an effective cis woman who relates to as a beneficial trans girl (come across bio-trans).

Aiden [ modify ]

Derogatory term having an effective transgender man, in accordance with the stereotype you to definitely «Aiden» (otherwise equivalent sounding brands e.g. Hayden, Jayden) is actually a well-known assortment of name one of young trans guys. This will be sometimes joked on from the trans some body one of themselves, but might have been appropriated from the TERFs.

Autoandrophilia / AAP [ revise ]

A great pseudoscientific hypothesis you to transgender males who aren’t only interested in girls change because of good fetish for being seen as boys. It is less prevalent compared to thought of autogynephilia, and some supporters of autogynephilia theory believe that there’s no comparable inside the trans males – as they are «women», and you can females don’t have fetishes! However some TERFs demand it will can be found, therefore trans boys never real. YouTuber Chase Ross (uppercasechase1) might have been cited of the TERFs while the an enthusiastic autoandrophile as their route targets examining adult toys, packers, undies, etcetera.

Autogynephilia / AGP [ edit ]

An excellent pseudoscientific hypothesis one to transgender women that commonly entirely drawn to guys are transitioning strictly right down to a fetish having being viewed as females. Which idea, recommended from the J. Michael Bailey and more than common between the eighties and you will very early 2000s, might have been reused by TERFs to help the blatant transmisogyny.

Autogynesmile [ revise ]

TERFs say that trans female every has a similar smug smile because of their «autogynephilia», ergo it’s entitled an enthusiastic autogynesmile (otherwise «autogynephile smirk.»)

Autohomoeroticism / AHE [ change ]

An idea, in line with the largely-debunked idea of autogynephilia, one to trans people (especially trans guys) that are interested in an identical intercourse transition on account of an excellent fetish if you are considered gay people.

Bio-trans [ change ]

Other bogus name created by 4chan or TERF Tumblr so you can mock trans some body. A bio-trans lady is actually purportedly a cis girl which makes reference to just like the an excellent trans lady. It’s considering a comic in which a cis woman «transitions» by implementing transphobic stereotypes like shaving the lady visit mimic androgenic balding and you will dressing up eg a cartoon profile. The latest meme produced a false-flag procedure to your Twitter from inside the , that have transphobes starting a military off «bio-trans» sockpuppets, complete with bald girls Picrew avatars.

Blanchard model [ modify ]

An idea, very first posited of the sexologist Beam Blanchard throughout the 1980s, that most trans women can be often gay people who change therefore capable desire upright males («gay transsexuals»); otherwise straight boys which change because of a sexual fetish («autogynephiles»). Blanchard nevertheless insists today that the is the situation, despite extensive grievance from their ideas and you will performs. TERFs adamantly guard the newest «Blanchard Design» whilst it does not stand up to possibly the extremely earliest scrutiny.

Blanchard thinks you to trans men are people, and you will female don’t have paraphilias; for this reason there isn’t any version of the fresh new design to possess trans boys. Although not, TERFs enjoys suggested her similar in which all the trans guys are sometimes lesbians which transition to flee homophobia, otherwise upright girls which have autohomoeroticism (a beneficial fetish to own attempting to rise above the crowd due to the fact homosexual males.)

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