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Lastly, it fed the mystery and secrecy surrounding power, and hence the imagination

Controlling keys and controlling chests: matters of trust and sovereignty Controlling chests and their keys was associated with controlling government

Nobody saw it, but everybody could feel its strength. The prince relied on it to challenge the power of other nobles: ‘let them come and get it. Several strong men would be able lift such a weight, but mechanisms existed to fix chests to the ground are known to have existed. Despite having iron handles, indicating it could be moved, the chest held in Noyon Museum, mentioned earlier, has four holes in its base through which heavy bolts could be passed, and a nut fastened and sealed to the ground. The lesson could be addressed to the court but also to the common people, who were sometimes worried about the state of the prince's coffers, particularly after the payment of taxes.

to know what had become of the great deniers and treasures raised recently in the kingdom.'72 If need be, such valuables could be used to intimidate opponents and rebels. Georges Chastelain portrays Philip the Good's response, during a chapter meeting of the Order of Golden Fleece in The Hague in 1456, to the Frisians and the people of Utrecht who asserted that ‘the duke did not have enough money to wage war against those of Utrecht.' He crushed them beneath a deluge of luxury: He even had displayed in a great room next to the hall at least 30,000 marks in silver plate . . . thus letting it be known that while had he no silver money, he had largely the wherewithal to obtain it thanks to his chattels.

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